• Visionary and a first-mover in transforming complex technologies into practical and time-saving solutions for the industry
  • A veteran and a pioneer – working with product data since 1997, currently major openBIM advocate
  • Dedicated to solving regulatory compliance issues in Europe through studies in legislation and national standards
  • Working with the support of FIEC, UNIEP and major Norwegian construction associations
  • Strong Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) focus for delivering a sustainable built environment
  • Continuously implementing international buildingSMART standards
  • A trusted business partner to more than 5000 companies in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom
  • An established leader in the IT solutions delivery for the Norwegian construction industry
  • Headquartered in Norway, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria

About us

coBuilder’s mission is to facilitate collaboration between the different actors within the construction process, based on structured, accurate data. This is why, we have identified a strong need for systems that make use of modern technologies such as BIM to connect and exchange information along the supply chain, helping our clients’ businesses grow together in seamless information synergy.

coBuilder growing with the industry

Being on the market for 18 years, we at coBuilder have gained a reputation of being a product data experts within the construction industry. Right from the start we have aimed at helping our partners meet European, national, market-driven, regulatory and environmental requirements by providing them with easy and comprehensive product data solutions.

By observing and participating in the industry’s development over time we have specialised in the development of effective information systems for handling and creating digital product data required by all major actors in the sector. Growing together with most Norwegian construction companies and working closely with public authorities and regulatory bodies on the EU scene, we have established ourselves as leaders on the market in Norway.

Members of buildingSMART International

Today, coBuilder is rapidly expanding and has gone on a journey to revolutionise the ways construction data is handled European wide. coBuilder is now a member of the openBIM standards body – buildingSMART International, helping clients, designers, manufacturers and contractors to collect and distribute relevant data associated with the free flow of construction products. Our projects are supported by the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) and The International Union of Painting Contractors (UNIEP), who have trusted us with the development of highly innovative software solutions, improving significantly the product information exchange between supply chain players.

The future is BIM

Our products are designed to increase our clients’ competitiveness by aiding them to advance in the implementation of openBIM in their operations. No longer just a buzz word in the industry, BIM is continuously evolving to become a must-have for all progressive companies. We have recognized that need and developed our software solutions to help them better manage their information, improve their cooperation and achieve sustainability with full control of the building process – all through the use of BIM technology.

buildingSMART is the open standards body responsible for the development of the BSDD


buildingSMART and coBuilder - the all important parnership solving the issues the industry is facing today


Below you can find some of the important milestones in coBuilder’s development so far:

  • 1997 – coBuilders foundation introducing to the industry its first solution – a database for products used installed in a construction, focused on the architects’ needs
  • 2000 – a step was made from CD-ROM to web-based technology
  • 2001 – BASS (chemical information system) was introduced as the beginning of a journey
  • 2007 – the customer wish to link products and documents emerged together with the need of database storage
  • 2009 – an agreement was signed maintaining the use of BASS in the automotive; BASS was granted EU funds for the further development of a solution for the European construction industry
  • 2013 – BASS was replaced by ChemXchange – a chemical management system intended to cover the compliance needs of the European construction
  • September 2013 – coBuilder Bulgaria was established
  • 2014 – ChemXchange changed name to ProductXchange together with a perspective shift from handling REACH requirements to taking an essential role in contributing to higher product transparency and more appropriate choice of construction products
  • 2015 – Responding to the BIM data challenges coBuilder develops new solutions DoPcreator and goBIM and opens a new office in the United Kingdom – at the heart of the BIM revolution.

Meet the faces behind coBuilder

Lars Christian Fredenlund
Lars Christian FredenlundOwner, coBuilder AS
Lars is CEO of coBuilder AS and the company’s co-founder. Since starting coBuilder in 1997 Lars has been using his in-depth knowledge of the practical needs of the construction sector to develop expert solutions aimed at lifting the performance of the industry. In recent years he has been the technical leader of two EU projects; ChemXchange and ProductInfoX and is a leading figure within the Building Smart International data dictionary group. Lars currently advices Governments and National/European associations on data aggregation and exploitation.
Nick Tune
Nick TuneCEO, coBuilder UK
Nick is CEO of coBuilder UK and a board member of buildingSMART UK. Nick is also on the Excom of buildingSMART international and is a recognised leader on the development and implementation of openBIM. Previously to joining coBuilder, Nick was group director of digital and data at BRE, where he successfully established BREs BIM training, certification, research and product development initiatives. As well as his achievements in regards to BIM Nick established BRE Wales in 2005 and set up the UKs National Solar Centre in 2012.
Christer Grønvold
Christer GrønvoldCTO, coBuilder AS
Christer is CTO of coBuilder AS and one of the co-founders of the company. With 25 years of experience in IT Christer has led coBuilder’s technical evolution from the very beginning in 1997 to the latest state of the art developments such as “The Internet of Construction Things”. Christer played a major part in establishin coBuilder as of one of the leading companies in the world of information and data exchange using the bsDD and IFC.
Henning Kongsgård
Henning KongsgårdIT Manager, coBuilder AS
Henning is the IT manager of coBuilder AS, working for the company since 2000. He is responsible for the development and coordination of many of the large software projects the company has undertaken throughout the years. Henning is an active member of the standardisation committees in buildingSMART Norway and International and is involved with the standardisation of SDS data exchange. In recent years, he has been project manager for two EU project: ChemXchange and ProductInfoX.
Espen Schulze
Espen SchulzeR&D Manager, coBuilder AS
Espen is the devoted leader of coBuilder’s Research & Development department. He is experienced in studying legislation and standards within the construction sector and conducting research covering European regulations and directives, CEN/CENELEC standards, ISO standards, national standards, BIM standards, and requirements for construction works, products and systems. Espen is an active member of standardisation works within CEN and BuildingSMART International.
Bistra Papazova
Bistra PapazovaCEO, coBuilder BG
Bistra has more than 10 years of management experience in software companies catering to both Bulgarian and international clients. Bistra has run many consulting and software projects in the finance, banking, utilities, manufacturing, and government sectors. She is fluent in both traditional (waterfall), and agile (SCRUM, Kanban) project management methodologies. She is an internationally recognized expert and lecturer in business processes and business analysis.

    It is our vision:

  • To digitize the construction industry
  • Our broad understanding of the complex future of the construction industry has encouraged us to build upon the foundation of our expert knowledge, to support the sectoral transition to integrated BIM (iBIM) or openBIM.
  • The first step towards the BIM future is providing all industry actors with the most relevant product data tools for well-constructed and well-managed facilities.
  • The second step is to achieve the highest possible compatibility of our software products to the principles of common data sharing and “bimification”.
  • As to our immediate development, we are looking ahead to constantly improve our product portfolio and thus help all actors in the construction supply chain to collect, use and exchange structured data effortlessly, transparently and reliably.
  • Moreover, being a proud provider of software solutions in Norway, it as our vision to go beyond the country of our origin and to have our software platforms gradually implemented in several European countries, starting with the United Kingdom.

It is our mission:

To develop the best software solutions that enable paperless, accurate, and automated information flows between all actors within the construction industry. And to be recognized as an indispensable information hub for the digital product data that is necessary to design, build, manage and maintain a facility.

Below you can find the simple but demanding values that we at coBuilder are committed to follow and the kind of brand we are determined to be:

  • Cooperative – each building project is dependent on the cooperation and the communication between various actors. Through cooperation we aim to build an information future that allows a seamless exchange of digital data across the different roles involved in the built environment.
  • Innovative – or in other words not just to be able to discover new worlds that other cannot see, but also to succeed in developing them into practical products for the benefit of all the stakeholders.
  • Competent – we have in-depth knowledge and experience about the industry’s information exchange requirements.
  • Consistent – we are consistently achieving customer satisfaction and long-term improvements in their information flows.
  • Sustainabile – Our products advance the delivery of environmental/sustainable buildings and infrastructures..

In coBuilder, we understand that no structure can be better than the people who work on it and the materials that it is made of. This is why we invest an immense amount effort in finding some of the most experienced, proactive and progressive professionals the business can offer.

Throughout the years we have cherry-picked our team members to form a consistently dedicated and highly efficient mixture of talents, to which we owe all that coBuilder has so far accomplished. Being the rapidly expanding company that we are, we put a strong emphasis on the development of a fertile work environment for our highly capable and creative team players. We are particularly proud of our remarkable synergy levels in and across departments, which we have accomplished through the company’s core policies of promoting personal development and celebrating creative and innovative ideas.

Many of the coBuilder staff have been a part of the company for more than several years and have proven themselves as trend-setters in our service segment by providing premium class software solutions for the construction industry.

buildingSMART are our international partners in advocating the BIM philsophy to the construction sector